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jbage007 wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Horrible location for a poker "room"

Ok, so whose brilliant idea was this, to put the poker room adjacent to all of the noisy slot machines at the end of the busy walkway toward the bridgeway to Excalibur? Talk about noisy! I'm still hearing "Wheel of Fortune" scream out to me in my dreams!

Since my last visit years ago, they have at least redone the place with new carpet, new chairs (that are NOT adjustable) etc., so the place looks decent enough, but the location is simply dreadful. I couldn't even drown out the background noise with my headphones on turned up full blast.

I actually went to play a 7 pm tourney but nobody showed up to play so I ended up playing 1-2 NLHE. They had 2 tables going and started a third which I played at. I was able to clock a $260 profit after playing about 3 hours due in large part to some really bad players just giving me money. So that's the positive side - any self-respecting player is not going to be found here, so it's a little pond full of fish for those so inclined to go fish hunting.

Lots of fish and calling stations.

Nothing exceptional either way. No complaints.

Good service. I like that they offer Pellegrino. Some guy next to me ordered a strawberry julius and seemed to enjoy it.

No complaints.

MGM comps. Meh.

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