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azpoker wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Best run poker room in Vegas

This poker room is near perfection. The location is great and the casino traffic just draws them to the tables. Of the 3 or 4 electronic wait lists I have seen, this is the easiest one to read. I am trying to avoid any rooms that still use clipboards. There is so much waiting list manipulation at those rooms, I feel seats go to the highest bidder (tipper). This room has an odd shape to see everything, but seats are filled at lightning speed. The one thing I did not like was the marble trim on the tables. It looks great but not very comfortable for peeking at your cards. The tables have plenty of space which is hard to find in a Vegas casino. The chairs are not the best, but comfortable for several hours of play. Everything is top shelf here, especially the electronic goodies to manage the room. They had plenty of plasma TV’s and cocktail paging for killer fast drink service (which always keep games very live)

The players were mostly callers and drawers. Not very aggressive and when they were they had the nuts. Great volume of rookie players. Seemed like they just wanted to play and not concerned about losing. The game tended to be slow because of this, but dealers did a good job without offending players. The alcohol factor slows game down but loosens it up also. Would like to see a few more better players to

The dealers were very professional and friendly. Some of the best in Vegas

Same rating as the dealers, the best cocktail service in a poker room yet.

The supervisors have everything under control and very player friendly. Their technology seems to help run the room very efficient and allows them to be free to cater to players. They would answer any question I had without seeming to brush me off. Complete opposite of the treatment that one gets from the Bellagio staff. While waiting for a game I checked out the electronic system. The whole room is monitored from the podium and they can see each seat open without having to look around and call out to dealers asking for seats open. It also lets them know how long a player has been away from a game instead of asking dealers, players (they always add 30 minutes to real time) or using button methods.

You get $1 hour for playing, but if you get up and leave chips on the table and go eat or make a sports bet or whatever you stop earning comps stop until you return to the game.
This is the fairest comp system for a poker I have seen. I don’t like it when players are playing craps, blackjack or just outright abusing player tracking systems ( like The Orleans honor system) and still earning comps or other promotions for not playing. They would get an excellent rating here if $ per hour was higher than the average poker room in Vegas

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from MGM Grand

The splashy capital of Las Vegas. Our uncapped 1-2 No Limit Hold 'em games are fun, deep and full of value!!

Tournaments - 5.30.23 through 7.11.23
Our 2023 Summer Poker Festival has begun!!
58 Events - Over 3 Million in guaranteed prize pools
Side events - 11pm midnight rebuy madness - EVERY NIGHT
Daily events take home prize money and a Cashman Crystal Trophy!!

We are giving away 42 seats to the GRAND FINALE 1M guarantee.

Daily HH's = $200 an hour - 9a to 9p & 1a-7a

Progressive HH's on the board 24/7.
- Add a multiplier every week for hours played.
See a supervisor for details.

$150,000 Redemption Race - Coming in July!!

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