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terrapin314 wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Just awesome!

After being home for a few weeks, I have come to the conclusion that this is one of my top two favorite rooms with the Bellagio. Mandalay is a close third.
The room has a nice serpentine back wall and feels airy. It has a very hip feel to it. While some have complained about the tables, I found them to be very nice. While the stone lip around the outside can cause some problems with the cards, I liked it regardless. The automated tables for comps are a nice touch. Seats were new and comfy to my backside. I played a 8 - 10 hour stretch without problems.

If you can get a seat by the rail, you can do some awesome people watching with a steady eye candy parade going by and you can play "guess the hooker" with a friend :-)

I saw quite a mix of players during my time at the tables. I saw some of the worst and some of the best. I ran into several folks that I knew from message boards online at my tables. A few loose agressives including one self proclaimed "Vegas @#$%" who played everything aggressively until the table wore her down (not to mention all the booze). Lots of new players that were loose passive.

One hand worth mentioning: The player to my right who was an above average player raises in early position with KK. Gets 3 to 4 callers. Rainbow flop with no coordination. By the end of the hand, it came down to 3 players and one guy at the end had called his preflop raise with 7-3 of clubs and ends up with 2 pair on the river to rake the pot. It immediately set this other guy into orbit.

Overall, easy competition - just watch out for the occasional shark. Every table I was at had new players to the game with fat wallets.

For the room being new, the dealers ran a pretty tight game. There were a few mistakes, but nothing spectacular. This will improve with time. Most were friendly.

Drinks came fairly quickly and they have Red Bull. A big bonus in my book. The waitresses were worth ogling.

Seats would sometime stay empty for a little too long with names on the list. I asked repeatedly for a seat change without getting it.

They were still working the kinks out on my last visit, so I will give them a 3.

Other than the drinks, you get the 1 dollar per hour comps for food. I have heard talk of a poker room rate which would be nice. While I never really liked the green behemeth that they call the MGM, if the rate was right - I would consider it. Mandalay and Bellagio are much nicer properties and not so large that it takes a half hour to walk anywhere.

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