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wisak7 wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Nice Room

I'm comparing this room on the 3 rooms I played in previously. The Stratosphere, The Sahara, and The Riviera. Based on those 3 rooms, its easy to give the MGM a 5 here.

I was up about $80.00 after 45 minutes thanks in part to a loose aggressive British soccer fan. Since I didn't have much sleep from the night before, I decided to play the beginners' table (.50/1.00 blinds $50.00 max buy in) and this guy was pulling 50.00 bills like they were going out of style. Aside from a guy who had $500.00 after starting with $50.00, the rest of the table was exploitable.

Since this was a beginners' table, the dealers took the time to explain betting, ettiquette, and at one time had to explain to a player what a string bet was and that he had just made one. In one hand I was in I was in the small blind and had pocket 8's. After matching the initial raise which was called by 3 other players, I flopped a set with two spades on the board. I bet the pot and all the other players folded instantly with the last guy saying: "I think you have a flush draw". The dealer immediately said: "He didn't have a flush draw". At first I was taken aback that the dealer would make a comment on the play, but then I realized I was at the beginners' table and he was probably taking the opportunity to help the beginners. Still not sure what to make of his comment to this day however.

I honestly don't remember seeing any waitresses. It was 5:30 in the morning, and cocktails weren't a priority for me.

Right before I left, someone bought in for $100.00 when it was supposed to be a $50.00 buy in. When brought up to management, they didn't do a thing about it. The management was courteous when I first approached the room and helped to get me started.

Even though I only played a short time, I did have some comp dollars that were credited to my account when I checked out. It was appreciated.

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