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assenede wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Still my favourite room always filled with action

The room was unchanged since my last visit. Still in good shape, with never ending action. There is always a game going here. standard rake 4$max. no jackpot drop.

Less tourists, and more locals. A lot of bread 'n butter players. Some very good players here, with deep pockets. Tourists are easy to spot but bust out quickly and often only buy in short. A lot of patience required to make money here.

Top notch mechanics. Sometimes perhaps a little too experienced. Some just don't have fun anymore...
Good at enforcing rules. Softer on beginners, harder on experienced players.

Timely service.

Electronic waiting list. Sometimes a little too fast. I put my name on a list as 5th player for a new table. Went to the bathroom for 5 mins to find that the table had filled up and my name got struck of the list.

Standard $1 per hour on the MGM life card. Cannot see the comps when inserting in a slot machine. You have to ask the poker desk to check your comps and write you a paper voucher valid for a day. No high hands.

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Myrtown wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Too noisy

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sytzen wrote a review about MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV

Rude dealer

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