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DaveFu wrote a review about Orange City in Orange City, FL

An almost good room that doesn't want or need to be a great one.

The Orange City Room is a an above average room that will never put you off. But the lack of poker room competition really shows when you've played elsewhere. The room is clean, safe, competently run, and the food is good.

The facility has only been open for one year and everything is new. It is technically a satellite location of the much older Daytona Beach room. The jackpots and promotions are shared between the rooms.

The cracks start to show once you start looking at the extras. Located about 30 miles north of downtown Orlando, most tourist traffic heads south to the Hard Rock Tampa since it is a full casino and the traffic on I 4 means the travel times are roughly the same. So, you have basically a locals room. 90% of players have players cards. The room gets enough traffic and it fluctuates depending how big the promotion is at a given time. So your competition will be loose and passive. No clueless drunks stumbling down from a casino floor. A few players at even the lowest no limit games are very capable, so keep your eye out. The under the gun and button straddles can make the games play bigger.

The facility was finished in 2017. Everything is new and clean. Even the chips! The chips are plastic and won't wow you in the least. However, not all tables have auto shufflers and usb ports at each seat. Inexcusable for a 1 year old room! The table felt is boring and lame. Even at hand dealt tables, the players are much more likely to slow the action down than the dealer. The dealers are above average, but are too relaxed in expediting the action. Fast dealers are good dealers! The staff is good, but the staff dress code is definitely on the casual side. Don't expect anything like the Borgata Beauties serving you drinks.

The promotions are good. On Saturdays, high hands will win 1k, sometimes every 20 minutes. Friday and Sunday 500ish. The downside is that the jackpot drop is $2 and not the standard $1. The rake is a standard 10% to $5 with no time games in the room. There isn't a no flop/no drop policy.

The comp rate is a terrible .40 an hour. Owning the only poker rooms that are within a two hour drive will cause that. You can trade your points in for vouchers that are redeemable at the cage or anywhere else. Table massages are available too if that's your thing. Ice water in a cup is complimentary, everything else is full price. The food from the sports bar up front is legitimately very good and priced well. The after hours menu is a crap shoot since the kitchen staff is no longer there. The booze is on auto pours, so don't expect to get loaded on the cheap, or stick with beer because it is harder from them to nickel and dime you. No outside food and drink allowed. Security will grab your drinks at 1:59:59am. Last call is not a fluid concept in the poker room.

The management and security are quick and responsive. Never had an issue with the floor. They will spread any game, but they spread 2/4 limit to 5/5 PLO. The buy in limits for 1/2 and 2/5nl are low (200 and 800 max)

The room is located in a strip mall. The parking lot is not monitored and is poorly lit. The neighborhood is a safe one and have never heard of an issue in the parking lot.

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