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VegasAl wrote a review about O'Sheas in Las Vegas, NV

I was almost on the sidewalk playing.

I would have rated this a 2 at best, but we were playing within
inches of the sidewalk on Las Vegas Blvd. It was kind of interesting. There was a 'main room' I found out later but that only had a couple of tables and all the action was out front on the 2 tables by the craps pit.

Drunken tourists seem to be the norm here. I was playing 1-2 no limit and was up about $80. Then I was dealt poket queens. A man raised all in (over $200) without looking at his cards! I called. The dealer put up the cards and he showed his 7-5 which made 2 pair. Plays like this continued throughout the night. I left up about $50 for the trip. At one point, we had a thousand dollar pot(I was not in it).

These dealers all seemed new. There was a few mistakes, and one arguement which nearly resulted in a fist fight between dealer and player. There was a fender bender outside the room and our dealer stood up during the hand to look at it. It was a wild room when I was there.

Waitresses came around often. They were carrying 6 packs. I asked for a coors light and she said, 'you want a bud light?' so I took it. The next guy asked for a Heinekin so she asked him also, and took the bud light. The waitressed were wearing cut off jeans and tea shirts. They looked like waitresses you might find in some honky tonk bar down south.

The manager was called to our table twice for customers being out of line. He immediately threw them out, we had a big list for our game and someone else promptly took a seat.

I doubt they have any comps. Here's something with the rake I've never seen before-The dealers would put blue chips in the drop slot but they kept coloring up for red chips. I didn't feel comfortable with the dealer constantly putting chips from the pot right in his rack, and then changing them with red. I dont think they were stealing, but it did look fishy. They had a high hand jackpot. During the night someone hit four of a kind for about 50 bucks, and it took a solid ten minutes for them to pay it out while we sat there and did nothing.

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