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Love7Stud wrote a review about O'Sheas in Las Vegas, NV

St. Pattie's Day 1-5 spread limit hold em-Great

What a party for St. Patrick's Day. You're in the middle of the party since the tables are right on the strip. It's loud. You have to shout. People just hop in off the street in 1st-come, 1st-in fashion. It's not a place for playing serious poker. There's no separation from the crowd at all. It's more like a craps table where you're hooting and hollering while playing. I was able to carry on conversations with my buddies (shouting over live music) and hit on passing girls while playing poker. I got about a dozen 'kisses for luck' from passing or lingering chicks so that's not too bad. Again, you can't play serious poker here but you can have fun. The yellow commitment lines were very helpful in this drunk-fest. I could give this place either a 1 or a 5.

I'm pretty sure that this game should be in the Guinness Book of World Records with the highest average Blood Alcohol Level. I was absolutely three sheets to the wind and was probably the 8-9th drunkest one in the game. Play was unbelievably terrible. I straddled on the second orbit around and straddling became infectious. One guy max raised (spread limit) on the river when a 3rd heart came, got called an proudly turned over the 10-3 of diamonds. He was NOT bluffing. He thought he had a 10-3 of hearts. The player to my right would show his girlfriend his good hole cards and then she would turn to their friend and tell him OUT LOUD what they were. Loud enough for me to hear. An actual conversation:
Girl- "He has a pair of Jacks!!"
Guy- "WHAT??"
Guy- "WHAT??"
Girl- "HE...HAS...A...PAIR...OF...JACKS!!"

This went on for 45 minutes until, somehow, this guy went bust. The player on my left thought that a pocket pair was a virtually unbeatable hand. He would max raise on every street to "force out drawing hands" and then when he would lose at showdown he would whine on and on about the "bad beat". Really? The flop is A-Q-9 and somehow your pocket 4s are no good? What a bad beat! He would also complain about everything constantly. I think he might have died of alcohol poisoning though, so no more chances to get money off of him. Next St. Patrick's day, feel free to order your yacht ahead of time.

Not really their fault, but this game was teetering on the brink of disaster. It was all pretty complicated. Drunks. Tons of distractions. Spread limit. Loud as heck so you have to shout. Straddles everywhere. But still, these girls seemed pretty newb-ish. One girl took awhile to figure out a sidepot. Play frequently ground to a halt with the dealers making little effort to get things going (though i was a frequently to blame).

Not attractive, but service was amazing. Was O'Shea's giving away free booze to everyone that night? The waitress would just bring over platters of tap beer, bottled beer, and mixed drinks. I'm not sure if people were ordering them, but I was just grabbing them off of the tray. She had no problem bringing you multiple drinks either. Even our friends just watching us play were getting enough drinks to get drunk(er).

Was there a manager? You just walk off the street and buy-in from the dealer. When you want to leave, you ask the player in seat 9 to hand you a rack from the big pile of them. First person to put their butt in the seat gets the seat, even if someone else had been eyeing the game.

Didn't inquire about comps. The $5 rake was way too high.

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