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deleted300512 wrote a review about Paramount in Houston, TX


Bad floor management. Not across the board, but particularly with Dustin, who's there because his friend Eddy is one of the owners. It looks really unprofessional when he can't maintain a good cash game for one reason or another, and when disputes happen, he never knows the correct way to handle it. I've been around for quite some time now, and I've seen him enforce rules one day, and go back on his word the next. He just isn't an ideal floor manager for people who are playing a good cash game.

As far as the cash game, the regulars are pretty consistent with action and buy in money, but Paramount allows a $50 dollar buy in to a cash game and the tournament players abuse that to the max. Some days, for playing the tournament, paramount gives them a $25 dollar bonus, so they buy in with a measly $25, get another $25 in bonus chips, and try to run it up from there. A lot of them lose their little money and go home, but it's annoying to see them re buy and re buy all night with $50 dollars and try to catch one hand to make their money and go home. I think the more reasonable thing to do is make it $100 dollar minimum to sit on the table to give a better cash game ambience. I've seen some players go "all in", keep their 3 dollars in 1 dollar chips after they lose, then buy back in for $20. Nights like those make all the big money spenders not want to stay.

Last but not least, the dealers are really bottom of the barrell. Mistakes happen way too often, and more than once it has costed me money. In high class rooms, the dealer is in charge from when they sit on the table to when they leave. They are really keen to what is going on on the table , who has how much money, the RAKE, and staying professional while money is in play. At paramount, I find the dealers to be the exact opposite. I've seen Leander demand for his tip after a hand, which is very poor etiquette seeing how he is one of the worst dealers. I've also encountered several dealers rake the max out of a $60 dollar pot. $12 from $60 is ridiculous. I only wish they knew their job as much as they want their tip.

The few good words I have are that the new owners have found a way to revive the place, they are adding promos and game girls that are more suitable and inviting. Along with everything else, the new owners have found a way to add a good food cater every night, and the car giveaway is something we never thought paramount could afford. Josh is the main manager, and that guy knows how to run the place. It seems like if he isn't there, the place would fall to shambles. I've seen him play on his day off and have to work to make sure the cash players don't walk out. He seems to really care about what's right, which is more than I can say about the rest of the staff.
That guy needs a raise.

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🙅🏻‍♂️No Door Fees / No Time Fees🚫
🍽️🍔🌮🍻Food/Drinks Provided for all players🍖🍤🍽️🍹
💵💰🍀Cash Bonus/Jackpots Daily NLH / PLO☘️🤑💵
🏆🍀WSOP Seat Giveaway🍀🥇
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💋💄🫦Beautiful Game Girls💋💄🫦
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🌞Daily Tournaments♠️♥️♣️♦️
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✨5K GTD $20 Buy-In Daily 6PM✨

🗓️Monthly Mega Stack 15K Tournaments 🗓️

🔥👀All tournaments must have 7 players within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time for the GTD to be valid👀🔥
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