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jazzpoker84 wrote a review about Paramount in Houston, TX

Enforcing the rules

I've never written a review but felt compelled to do so today in regards to yesterday. I played the 6k, and I would like to share my experience. I enjoy the tournaments here at Paramount. I play and pretty much stay to myself and observe. I frequent doghouse, 101 champion and here Paramount which is close to home and i really like the chill vibe here. I would like to speak on a few incidents that happened on my tables, and today I am dropping names, Conrad speaking spanish w another dealer who was walking in, the dealer says, English at the table while cards are out, player instantly tells her we talking about food. And Lance, everyone knows Lance. He's a great player, defends her, and states she's just doing her job and tells this dealer, thank you for enforcing the rules. Lance describes another room where dealers have full conversation with players, and nothing is done. Lance then proceeded to thank the dealer again and tell Conrad she was only doing her job. The statement made by Conrad was disgusting,
"I don't care. I don't listen to women."
A few hours later, again, the same dealer says it again English at the table, Conrad tells her it doesn't matter. We don't have cards, and another player speaks up and tells him it does matter. The cards are out. I was amazed at how his tone completely changed towards this gentleman. She also exposed cards a player showed louie before folding at the end of a hand. Which dealers everywhere kind of turn a blind eye too and just muck them. I, for one, greatly appreciate the fact that she enforces the rules and keeps the integrity of the game from being jeopardized and feel terrible that players like Conrad gives her a hard time over and over again. Why doesn't she call the floor on his behavior? This guy loves pushing buttons to see how much he can get away with. I've even seen him do the same antics to Alba as well. Another dealer that is great at enforcing the rules. Ladies, yall are doing a tremendous job and keep it up. Lance buddy, i hope you don't mind that i threw your name out there, but like I said, you came to herlinda defense twice!
I personally could never deal. Seriously, as a dealer, it has to be frustrating not being able to cuss some of these players out. The fact that she didn't engage back and forth with him and remained calm blew my mind . Ok there, I've shared my 10cents

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Announcements from Paramount Social Club

🙅🏻‍♂️No Door Fees / No Time Fees🚫
🍔🌮🍻Food/Drinks Provided for all players🍖🍤🍹
💵💰🍀Cash Bonus/Jackpots Daily NLH / PLO☘️🤑💵
🏆🍀WSOP Seat Giveaway🍀🥇
💰⬆️Progressive Bad Beat Jackpot⬆️💰
💵👀All Tournament Players receive a bonus towards cash game👀💵
💋💄🫦Beautiful Game Girls💋💄🫦
💪Armed Security👮🏻‍♂️

💵🔥Cash Game 1PM Wed/Fri🔥💰
💰$30 Bonus First 5 Players $100 Buy-in👀💵

🌞Daily Tournaments♠️♥️♣️♦️
💰💵Monday-Friday 3PM & 6PM💵💰
✨EVERYDAY 6PM $5,000 GTD $20 Buy-In✨

🗓️Monthly Mega Stack $15,000 GTD Tournament July 14th 🗓️

🔥👀All tournaments must have 7 players within 30 minutes of the scheduled start time for the GTD to be valid👀🔥
💯👀All cash promotions and/or bad beat jackpots are subject to review🔥👀

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