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DanielGiavanni wrote a review about Resorts World in Las Vegas, NV

**CAUGHT CHEATING** 3x chips given to a player!

I caught the Asian poker manager at the resorts world poker room cheating for a player he knew by giving him triple the amount of rebuy chips to try to help him win the tournament. The dealer played stupid & pretended like the chip count was right even though she didn’t even count the extremely obviously amount of 3x chips the manger gave to him. Only after I complained multiple times did the dealer take away some of the massive stack of chips the manager gave to him which still left the cheating player in collusion with the staff with way more chips than he was supposed to have. No apology or any admission of their mistake, just a silent guilt and awkwardness that they were caught. The poker manager knew he was busted & had gotten caught so he ran away from the table and never came back. I should have called security & made an official complaint to get the manger/player/dealer combo investigated & hopefully fired for this unacceptable criminal behavior that has probably been going on for a long time. Instead I chose to not disrupt the tournament or cause a scene. I will never go back to that poker room but I can’t in good conscious allow more people to be cheated out of their money so I am posting this to warn you, DO NOT PLAY POKER TOURNAMENTS AT THE RESORTS WORLD! The game is not being conducted fairly with blatant cheating for certain players to fix the tournament for their friends & probably for kickbacks. Criminal behavior. Play at your own risk 🛑 ⚠️ ⛔️

Food and Drink
  • Dear Daniel,

    I've investigated your inquiry regarding the cheating allegations from yesterday's tournament. At 3:05 pm on table 3, a player took seat 6 for his third reentry, having initially been seated at seat 1. A few minutes earlier, the floor provided the dealer with 4 starting stacks and added enough gray for each stack to equal 25k. All 12 gray chips were left together on one starting stack, resulting in a mistake.

    The dealer, in the midst of the confusion, inadvertently gave the new player the entire stack, providing an extra 45k in starting chips. Upon realizing the error, the dealer attempted to rectify it by taking back the extra gray chips. The floorman, present during the confusion, corrected the dealer, returning the excess gray chips and adding them to the rack. It's important to note that the new player was never officially dealt in during this episode.

    Accusations of cheating are taken very seriously, and I want to emphasize our commitment to maintaining a fair gaming environment. In the future, should you witness any discrepancies, please bring them to the attention of the shift manager for immediate investigation. The Gaming Control Board, which oversees our operations, is available to review any footage if needed, as I did in this case. We uphold high standards in our industry and are dedicated to ensuring a transparent and trustworthy gaming experience.

    If you wish to discuss this matter further, I am more than willing to sit down with you.


    Leon Wheeler
    Director of Poker Operations
    Resorts World Las Vegas

Announcements from Resorts World Las Vegas


-Free parking with rewards card. Most convenient parking for poker will be located at Hilton Hotel Parking on Resorts World Dr. The Poker room is located near the West side of the gaming area, closest to the Hilton Tower.

-Daily tournaments: $200 NLH 5K GTD at 12:05 and $200 NLH 5K GTD Nightcap at 7:05pm.

-Rake on $4/8, $6/12, $8/16 Mix is 5%, $5-MAX
-Rake on $2/5 NL and $1/2 PLO is $1 at 10,30,50,80 and last one at $120

-Comp rate for poker is $1.50 / hour. Check your comp balance on the Poker Atlas App.

-Tableside food now available from most outlets (business hours vary)

-Poker player room rate will be 30% off rack rate Sun-Thu, 20% off rack rate on Fri-Sat. Please call 833.930.3888 to book, average 6 hours of cash poker play per room night. These room rates are based on hotel availability. For full details please see poker staff

-Poker VLOGS
-Absolute Nuts
-Mariano Grandoli
-Andrew Neeme
-Brad Owen

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