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Wingman07 wrote a review about Shuffle 214 in Dallas, TX

Low stakes @#$%-show circus.

I've been here a couple times. It's quite close to the house so I bought a monthly membership. First time action and game was so slow I left after a couple of hours even though time is free. Second time I came since I heard they had some bigger games going and action had increased. Paying 13 an hour when your only option is a capped 1-2 game is pretty lame. No plo bomb pots only holdem. No changing to plo bomb pots even if players all agree. They essentially use same pricing and game structure as TCH but only have low limit games regularly.

Now to the staff. Some of the dealers are extremely green causing less hands per hour and still high $13 hourly rate. That's a learning curve but still worth mentioning. Both times I was there no cocktail waitress. They do have some good staff members and dealers. There one manager who is constantly talking down to his staff members. The one that stutters. I literally watched him yell at a staff member in front of the entire room. Why? Because he offered to get a player beer on his break. He had some whole legal argument behind why he can't do it. Okay if that's the case I get it. Him yelling and berating a staff member in front of 30 plus people though is uncalled for. I was offended as a patron watching a manager treat their staff like @#$% in front of everyone.

On a side note while I was there a few hours last session. On two separate occasions a player completely freaked out. One yelling obscenities on the way out the door at the managers making a complete scene. Then another man was yelling at the manager demanding refunds. I don't know if this is an everyday thing. I've played in very trashy sketchy places. Yet, I've never seen 2 players cause separate scenes within hours of each other.

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Announcements from Shuffle 214

DFW started earning chips for entry to our $25,545 MegaRoll on March 17th. The top 81 qualify to play and we've got a Main Event Seat up top for first place.

*20 hours of play = 5k in chips

*5 tournament entries or $60 add-ons during the freerolls = 5k in chips.

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