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Cobrajim123 wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV

Bad experience in Poker Room

I just spent a week at the Orleans as I have done on many, many times. I always play at least ten hours a day. This time I found out if you play a minimum of 30 hours in a week you are rewarded $100. This money grows as you play more hours. The catch to this is that the pay out is on Friday. My stay ended on Thursday so I asked the poker room manager on Tuesday and again on Wednesday if I still qualified for the bonus, on each day he told me he doesn’t see any reason that I would not but he had to check with his boss and get back with me. On Thursday when he arrived for his shift I confronted him about the situation and once again same response, needed to talk to his boss. As the day went on he totally ignored me. Finally went to him and let him know it was time for me to leave to go back to Michigan. At that time he said I was not getting the bonus because I needed to be there on Friday. If this is a rule he should have told me so back when I first asked. I feel that he misled me for 3 days. Now that I think back, I wonder if the money that goes unpaid to the rightful person goes into the pocket of the manager. I’m not accusing anyone of being dishonest but the money ( MY MONEY ) ended in the wrong hands. As I finish this review, I must say I will not be playing or staying at the Orleans ever again. This could have been avoided if Eric Ewing had been upfront from the beginning. How sad !!!

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beans wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV

Rake way to high

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mikmar wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV


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DrStanky wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV


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