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edwardkhrisfern wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

1/2 NLH Not Worth It!

The 1/2 game is absolutely terrible! Buy in max at $80 that's 40BB. With a rake of $6, you better bet your hand when you have it. And even then, you might bet our money and people will fold so the casino will take some of that money which means you opened raised for no reason. 1/3 game is even worse at 66BB. How do you take more money than what the big blind is? Makes no sense. You could be a good player, but the rake will beat you no matter what.

There are OLD REGULARS literally every single day. Same people. There are NO comps. You don't get rewarded for anything. There are promos that regulars sit around and try to win. These regulars will call you with ANYTHING just to get the chance to get a promo ticket.

Chips are nice and new, for the most part. Tables SUCK because there's a little small screen that if the dealer pitches you cards and it falls in there, get ready to spend some time trying to get it out.

You either go here because it's your first casino experience or go here because you're a regular. Get your Commerce Casino 1st time visit and never come again.

Now, if you play the 5/5 or more, then you'll actually make money. So come back when you play better. Come here with $80 and you'll be at 90% chance to break even or get out at a loss. And it won't be because of your game.

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TheLane wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

No good

Unless you are a regular, be prepared to be treated badly. Even worse if you are a woman! I'm sure if you tip large... Read More