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matttfoster wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

Hit or Miss

Some tables are incredible. Action players, blind all ins, good table talk, the stuff dreams are made of.

Many of the other tables are ultra tight, everyone wearing sunglasses and staying perfectly quiet and still while we all sweat the massive $9 pot. Waiting for aces, kings, queens. Played with a guy that refused to raise pocket jacks and ace king suited because they're "not strong enough" and won about $15 at showdown with his monster hands. Crazy that people enjoy wasting the hours away like that.

Dealers typically very friendly and fast, but I've seen them make pretty big mistakes on occasion.

Floor is somewhat disinterested. Slow to resolve issues and extremely slow to open new tables, especially for low stakes NLH. They always claim a shortage of dealers. Also rules about language at the tables and players getting help from friends during the hand are NOT enforced.

Cards and chips are pretty low quality. Cards are always bent back a bit unless it's a brand new deck. Chips are gross and old, especially the $5 ones.

There are weird side betting screens on all the cash tables. Super in the way and annoying if your card get stuck in it. I tend to just put my chips directly on the screen to try and avoid it.

Parking lot is solid. Food and drinks aren't the best and are pretty expensive for what you get.

Very possible that you enjoy your time here, but also you might lose your mind!

Food and Drink

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