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All Day wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

Management ruined the poker experience.

Commerce Casino was a poker players paradise. WAS. The worst part of Commerce now is that they have electronic betting at every seat, which means the dealer must stop before every poker hand and take 15-30-60 seconds to make sure the electronic betting is activated for the next hand. Its worse than it sounds. Now... they have a food menu that is so bad, I'd rather starve some nights. High sodium, high fat garbage with no fiber to speak of. The dealers are the worst on planet earth, because they don't train them to understand the basics of poker dealing. Pay attention and you will witness mistakes that you simply do not see at any other casino in USA. Whoever is in charge of dealers should be fired immediately. You can't get cocktails at the table, you have to leave and stand in line at the bar. Laughable. Its crowded. The floormen are despicable, miserable individuals except for Marco and Joe.

If you play poker here when they don't have tournaments and promotions, you simply are not thinking clearly.

Food and Drink

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TheLane wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

No good

Unless you are a regular, be prepared to be treated badly. Even worse if you are a woman! I'm sure if you tip large... Read More