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FatDaddyRich wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

Good room, decent action & friendly dealers

The room is average overall. It's close to a set of exterior doors, which can be annoying when those Vegas winds start kicking up. On the plus side, the breeze helps move the smoke from the nearby casino. Some tables seemed spongy around the edges, which left your stacks suceptible to fallinf over.

Played there 3 weekdays. Found a variety of competition, at each table I played. Oddly, very few grinders this visit as compared to last.

The crew working the day shift were all familiar faces and have been pushing cards for years. Personalities were good, although 1-2 dealers had a bad habit of looking "away from the action". I've noticed some players will only act unless the dealer is looking at them, which ends up slowing the game. Young, fast handed asian gal (forgot her name) was awesome. She ran the table perfectly and kept people's attention. She too has been there a while

No complaints. The 2 different gals working the room this trip were around every 15 minutes or so, which is acceptable.

On the plus side, they openned new tables when the wait list got long. On the not-so-plus side, they boned 1 call when called over. The hand was over and the dealer called for the 2 active players to show their cards. The gal mucks and the dude shows a weak pair. The gal's FRIEND (sitting next to her) speaks up and says "you had a better hand" and reaches into the muck and pulls them back out. Um, how did she know and who the heck is she pulling out another player's mucked cards??? Dealer calls for the Floor and she rules that the girl wins despite mucking her hand and her friend somehow knowing what she had mucked. Didn't cost me but felt bad for the dude who got screwed out of a mediocre sized pot. I guess the Floor felt bad for the girl.

Comp's expire too quickly. I sometimes get to Vegas 2x a year but not twice within a 6 month period. Room was comp'd 3 days so I've got nothing to complain about.

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jpoul wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

flamingo fun

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