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IAPETE wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

Keeps Getting Better

Not a complete room (rail around half, full walls on the other half). Key improvement since June is the addition of an electronic players/game list. Automatic shufflers on 5 of 12 tables. Plenty of room between tables and the tables have cup holders and betting lines. I liked the tables with the exception of cards and/or chips sometimes getting under the rail. Two flat screen TVs but visability varied depending on your table. A third flat screen TV would help.

Easy competion in the 2/4 limit game. Still mostly tourists with a few locals mixed in. If you make yourself play tight and aggressive, you should eventually come out ahead if you play long enough and can handle chip swings. It can, however, be frustrating when your pocket aces, kings, queens, and/or jacks lose to a guy or gal playing Queen/7 offsuit or 5/3 offsuit (no, not in either of the blinds) when you have been raising from the start! Very common to have 6 or 7 players see the flop. Some players literally see every flop.

Friendly and competent dealers. Seem to do a good job retaining dealers as most looked familiar from my two prior trips.

Waitresses come around relatively frequently. Always got my order right. Not exactly Vegas show girls but friendly and competent.

Friendly and on the ball. Always looking to get rail birds into the games. I also appreciate the way dealers not dealing pitch in if the room manager is busy.

Finally tracking play on the Flamingo/Harrah's rewards card. Even though play is tracked on the card, it isn't tied into the overall rewards card point system yet so you have to ask the poker desk for your food comp. Hopefully that will get corrected. They also changed the high hand jackpot (where you had to return the next morning to see if you won) to immediate jackpots for given high hands (each 4 of a kind and each straight flush). These jackpots range from a minimum of $60 to a max of $599 (once won, it goes down to $60 and keeps increasing until won again). Also added a $50 bonus for aces getting cracked on Wednesdays (if there is at least $20 in the pot). Of course, all of this is funded through a higher rake than would otherwise be required.

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