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TwoArrhhzz wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

My view on The Flamingo (my favourite Vegas Poker room)

The room quality does not factor in for me personally but is defiantly below average, tacky old school, uncomfortable chairs, dirty ish tables, sometimes you will find upto 20 glasses underneath the table. love the drunken night time atmosphere, being a non drinker! Been in confrontation with 3 players in this room, none in any others...ever!

Most times i have played $1/$2 here have been during the hours of 4pm and 4am in March and November time. (2010-2012) Iv'e played nearly 80 hours in this room. Mostly my 10 handed table has consisted of myself, 2 old grinders, 2 old calling stations, 2 very poor players and 2-3 people who are so drunk its unreal. Once a Drunk Russian woman called 200bbs all in pre vs me without looking at her cards! MBN(must be nice)

had most of the dealers from deal to me from this room. few are excellent, great with the locals, friendly, tell jokes but are very fast. most of the others are either very old, very slow or very bad at English. The ones who don't speak English are often technically proficient but find it hard to control games and make errors that cause confusion or don' you say.."put your foot down"? would give "average" but few dealers looked suicidal.

I personally wouldn't factor attractiveness in my cocktail rating. If they are attractive i will defiantly mention it.. in future reviews lol, but for me i prefer a fun happy waitress to bring me a water rather than a moody model, maybe i'm crazy. You wont find any "worldie's" here but they work hard are very fast and pump the fish full of liquor as fast as possible with a smile on their face. I see a few waitresses get verbally abused and handled it fantastically. Excellent.

Im going to say "good" think the main Manager is very good. I caught a player stealing a chip from another players stack and they handled it well. Sometimes other staff are but for the most part do the job fine. One time they could of kicked a drunk abusive player out, who was up around 2k.. but thought his best punishment was to leave him there much to our happiness he left with nothing, kicking him out with $2,200 in front would of been rewarding him.

I would like to say "good" but i can't as they rake with the jackpot drop does add up. The Freerolls are okay if you are up at 9am to grind them...also if you get 40 hours in a month which i don't over 2 weeks. when i was there they had aces cracked which i like as it makes people play terrible but now they have $100 high hand per hour which is "fun" which is ok if you are there for them. $1 standard on comp card p/h. Average

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jpoul wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

flamingo fun

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