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IAPETE wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

Solid Room

Excellent location mid-strip. Excellent location within the casino with easy/quick strip access (you don't have to walk thru the entire casino to get to the poker room or get back out to the strip). Computerized list. Play tracked on Total Rewards card. Autoshufflers. Tables in good shape and no racetrack. A couple of flat screen TVs (one or two more would be nice). Two full walls with rails on two sides so alot of railbirds end up playing. Management always encouraging folks to play, always pleasant/helpful, and seem to appreciate that you are there. Much better room quality than compared to 2-3 years ago.

Certainly an extremely easy room with respect to LHE (usually spreading 2/4). Average/easy with respect to 1/2 LLNL.

Their experienced dealers are friendly, pleasant, and good. They seemed to be breaking in some new folks who seemed competent. Only problem I witnessed was when a guy looked like he was going to muck but then decided he had a winning flush but the dealer had put his cards in the muck and pushing the chips elsewhere. No one was paying enough attention to help out (this was a 2/4 LHE game). Floor awarded the hand to the non-flush player. Guy with the alleged flush was not happy. Floor gave him $20 in chips so we could move on (which was more than he would have won with the pot, lol).

Frequent and prompt cocktail service. While some of the waitresses aren't exactly "eye-candy" they come by often which is what counts the most with me. They always got my order right, but then my order was always coffee black, lol.

Always right there to help when you want to play. If they are busy, a dealer not at a table is always there to help you. Friendly and ready/willing to answer any questions. Guy at one table wouldn't stop swearing. After a couple/few warnings, management gave him the boot. This pleased all in the room as the guy just wouldn't shut up, even when not cussing. It took security coming to get him out...yes, he was a little drunk.

$1/hour tracked electronically on Total Rewards card. Need to request a voucher from the poker room when you want to use the comps (which I understand is not unusual). I don't consider they bad beat or high hand jackpots to be comps since there is a drop to fund them. They do have an Aces Cracked $50 bonus at certain times/days. I'm not sure how that is funded.

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jpoul wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

flamingo fun

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