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djgoldie wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

" Why Didn't I Find This Room Sooner"

The vibe here is great -- lots of tourists having fun and a smaller number of locals, with few hot shots. Many of the tourists I played with expressed similar sentiments: "why didn't I find this poker room sooner on this trip to Vegas." The management is efficient and quickly places players waiting for tables, creating a new table whenever there are a few on the list. Dealers are competent and fun. High hand jackpots and other promotions add to the fun and potential profits. Location is convenient to the strip entrance, but there are a couple of minor negatives -- only a half wall seperates the poker room from the slots, so annoying sounds filter in.
Some monotonous slot noises nearby and often a cigarette girl roving nearby seller her wares, calling out in a voice which sounds like a whining fish wife. But all in all, a great, fun room. Auto shufflers and tables in good condition. Average chairs.

A real mix of beginners and more experienced players with a few local rocks, but very few real agressive players, especially in the 2-4 limit game, which goes 24hours per day. Mostly tourists out to have fun, especially in afternoon and evenings.

Very competent. Seem like quality people. Keep the game moving and add to the fun. What more could you ask for? Patty, who has been there since Flamingo opened their poker room some 12 years ago, is lovely and very service oriented. She remembers the players and greets them warmly.

Bar is very close and service excellent.

Even with the brand new computerized list and player management system, the poker room management seemed on top of things, keeping players on the computerized lists moving into open seats quickly and creating new tables when the lists warranted, clocking players in out out for comps.

Use the Harrahs players card and swipe in and out to earn $1 per hour. Redeem whenever you want for Flamingo restaurants, spa etc. High hand jackpots up to $599 for four of kinds and straight flushes. Double jackpots in very early morning hours (up to $599) Other special promotions -- $50 for Aces cracked on Wednesdays when I was there.

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jpoul wrote a review about Flamingo in Las Vegas, NV

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