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Punknfg wrote a review about Luxor Casino in Las Vegas, NV

Good room bad payers

I was staying at the Luxor the day that they inlarged there poker room. Although there was nothing flashy about the room, it was all buisiness, and I liked that. It let you know that you were there to play cards, which is the kind of poker room I like. The tables and chairs were all in pretty decent shape. All in all not bad.

With the exception of a few grinders the place was a fish tank. No one knew it was ok to fold a hand every now and then. They were not spreading 4-8 at the time so I was stuck in 2-4 @#$%. The $50 max no limit was a big waste of time, you were either going against a table of short stacks that go all in every hand, or against player that have been playing for at least 12 hours straight and have $500 in chips in front of them who you had no way of matching up against unless you got lucky.

I mostly only played night sessions. The dealers on the night shift were great. They were full of personallity, they made playing there fun and enjoyable. They were not afraid to make jokes at the fishy players or talk a little smack behind there backs. I never had a problem with any of there abilities, no goof ups, they were very much up on there skills

Nothing special about the waitresses a little aged but not to bad. The sevice was good with the bar right next to the poker room, never had to wait for more than 5 minutes.

Management was pretty good as well, they were organized, and worked the list very well. They were also easy to talk to and answered all questions very well.

I recieved one comp dollar per hour as well as a reduced room rate for my hours of play.

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