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cch89135 wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV

Great place to play for budget-minded players

The overall room is okay with average decor and furnishings. It seems that it could use a freshening up and maybe some brighter lighting. Tables are in good order, cup holders, good felt, no holes or tears in the outer padding of the tables... Average for a busy poker room.

Other notes:

Close to the bathroom and near the parking lot. Decent tournament selection with a better than average sized field.

Competition is easy at all levels. 1/2NL, 2/4Limit, 4/8 Limit, 4/8 Omaha H/L are very easy games. As far as players go, you get a lot of locals and regulars. I would say most of the lower limit games have the older rocks ("nit", for you youngsters) and cheap limpers where there isn't much raising. If you min-raise at one of these lower tables, you will be bound to hear nasty comments of how it's not a friendly game anymore or my favorite, "You do know we are playing at a jackpot table right?"

Average dealers. Not much to say. No real mistakes in the last 2 years I have been playing here.

Daytime can be a bit slower even though the poker room is less than 10 feet from the nearest bar... but nighttime is a chance for the power drinker to get his/her RORAD/RoRoaD on (Rate of Return on Alcoholic Drinks). Orders have always been correct and most of the servers remember my order when I do want an alcoholic beverage. The drinks can be strong or watered down depending on how busy it is and the bartender. Never had a problem in this department.

The room is managed well considering all the moving around of players, number of games, tournaments, comp check in/out. Player's lists are easy to figure out and the staff at the desk are always helpful.

$1.25/ hr for the first 4 hours, .50/hr after. Bad beat jackpot. The comps are very good if you spend at least 4 hours in the room.

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