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OceanoCA805 wrote a review about The Orleans in Las Vegas, NV

Retirees for dealers and Nits for players

A friend told me this place was a great place to play, after one visit I figured out he must have been drunk when he visited this place. If you smoke then you will love this place, if not then your most likely going to get cancer from the second hand smoke.

Lots of Nits who cry and complain. The average age is 60+ not a younger poker players hang out. Orleans seems like a place where people who dont like the strip would go. Lots of Locals and even a few guys that seemed homeless and rode in on Bicycles. Anytime im in Vegas I play at Venetian and Bellagio which has much more experienced players and way more action.

A friend of mine and I stopped here in June and played Omaha 8 or better. My buddy was flipping out because there was a dealer who took 15-20 min to deal one complete hand. Im telling the complete truth I even timed it on my cell phone. I felt really bad though because the dealer looked 80-90 years old. My opinion is that the poker room supervisors really need to find better younger dealers.

The waitresses were the only thing good about this room, they werent very attractive but if I needed a drink they were very fast and precise. I dont drink alcohol so I cant comment if the drink quality was that great. My coffee was good and they have decent quality bottle water.

Not the friendlist place but I was sat at my game of choice fairly quick.

Jackpots were big compared to alot of the other higher end poker rooms which dont offer progressive jackpots.

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