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ogsmojo wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

busy but going to lose its customers to other card room in LA

Commerce casino is where most first time customers and regulars gamblers playground. Due to its poor management. The casino is become less and less attractive to its regular players. My man Jimmy has left, James is no long on the floor, we left with Marvin who is very quiet and not social al all, shift manager George who is pretty much in charger on the floor on the daily basis has no respect to its customers, extremely rude, dance and jokes all around day with female employees. Abuse his power threat customers to kick them out for 24 hours, it's fun for him to abuse power he should be demoted and work his way up from the bottom not to have management position handed to him. Lucy is hot and cold always treat people basis on the amount been tipped which I fine with, she's easy to work with. Everything from the top, all the managers needs to be retrain or replace not to mention what chips runner would do under these guys.
My over all review as follow
Floorman 0 star
Chip runner 3 stars
Gaming experience 4 stars
Amenities 1 star
Location 5 stars
Food 1 star
Game selection 4 stars

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