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thesmash wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

poker factory

I was in town for a wedding so wanted to check out the local poker scene. Obviously the Commerce is world renown but overall I was unimpressed.

I played 2/3 out in a make-shift tent. It took awhile for the game to get started, players were OMC and boring, and there was no beverage service. Just water in coolers nearby. Hungry and unimpressed with he food offerings, I hopped in my rental car to go find some authentic Mexican food 15 minutes away.

I wanted to play in the main ballroom so that night I picked up a 5/5 game. Action was good, dealers were quality, and it was much better than the tent. Again, there was no beverage service, so players were fighting for the coffee and hot water their refilled every couple hours.

I stayed in the hotel and the room was clean but I was woken up by a super strong smell of weed seeping into my room through the air system.

I think because The Commerce is so big it lacks a feeling of hospitality and felt more like a factory. Not my favorite spot and much preferred The Bike this trip.

Food and Drink

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TheLane wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

No good

Unless you are a regular, be prepared to be treated badly. Even worse if you are a woman! I'm sure if you tip large... Read More