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SayMyName wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

Nice mix of games

Always enjoy coming back to Commerce. The CA Poker scene is always a blast and I dragged the boyfriend out to play last week on our trip. He couldn't believe how big the room was when he first walked in. Being a rookie, it scared him a little but I just told him no one here bites (usually).

The best part to me about coming here is the mix of games. Getting a chance to play razz or lowball is really helpful prepping for mixed game tourneys and usually you can find a game. It's just cool to play about every poker variation you can thing of and the smaller casinos just can't do it. Plus the jackpot bonuses are very generous too so people switch games when it gets big in one of them. Makes it fun!

Tourneys are always well run too. For $65 on the dailys, you can't beat it. 20 min blinds would be a little better but it's the Commerce - you have to keep the game running. It is a good chance to get to know the locals if you aren't familiar though. With all the great events coming up (LAPC is just around the corner and I'll be there), there are some dangerous players and I'd suggest playing a few tourneys before LAPC starts so you get to know the locals.

One really nice thing is the CCUP classes. With the boyfriend being a fish (oops, I mean new player) it was nice I didn't have to do the refresher course. New players there should check the classes out.

So I obviously recommend as most people do to come to the Commerce and play when you can. It's off the hook fun and you'll have a great time.

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