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chevychev wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

Worst management in L.A.

These guys treat you like sheep. They make absolutely no effort to make you feel like a valued customer. The most incompetent floor managers around. It was not like this pre-pandemic but since then it has given them an excuse give up any sense of customer service because there was little competition for card players who were itching to get out of the house and play recreationally. In turn for patronizing their establishment post-pandemic they raised takes sky high and jacked the food prices to the moon and took away what little player comps existed.
Expect takes of 7-8$ a hand or higher with the jackpot drop. I would say the veteran dealers are above average but there are still the quite a few who have trouble with anything other than hold 'em.
The atmosphere is dank and stale. Harsh lighting, zero places to sit to relax for a minute, absolutely disgusting restrooms.
After making money hand over fist for decades, the ownership has decided to return nothing to the players. The deep pockets panicked over having their first bad year and turned on the very customers who made them. I sincerely hope that you, the valued player, take your business elsewhere if you are a recreational player. The smaller card rooms will wait on you hand over fist with a smile on their face and make an effort to know your name. Heck, a few even give you comps for food and match bets.
There could be a board 20 named long but they won't open a game based on some criteria I'm sure has to do with only raking $240 an hour vs $245 an hour off the table.
That being said, they have the most hold 'em games going 24/7 than anywhere around. But if you are anything other than a hold 'em player you will be disappointed. The rake makes any lower limit game unbeatable.
Chip-runners, porters? Non-existent. Service? Nope.
Collusion is rampant here amongst the 30-40 year veteran low-limit players, another hole management refuses to plug. The good floors have left or passed away, the same goes for the good players.
Eventually all this will change. That's the nature of business, when they see all the players flock to the superior service of their neighbors then they will have no choice but to sink or swim and the deep pockets will begrudgingly get out their checkbooks and make an investment in their property and players and management.

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TheLane wrote a review about Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, CA

No good

Unless you are a regular, be prepared to be treated badly. Even worse if you are a woman! I'm sure if you tip large... Read More