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Grange95 wrote a review about Hard Rock Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Awesome room, good games, need more players

Physically, this might be the best room in Vegas. Beautiful room that is set off from the casino floor, with a bar and restrooms in the poker room itself. Plenty of TVs to watch sports. Comfy chairs. Fun, loose playing atmosphere. This is luxury at the highest level; compares favorably to Aria, Wynn, and Venetian.

I played ~4-5 hours of 1/2 NL. Nice mix of regulars and tourists. Easy double up by targeting a couple of soft players. Room atmosphere encourages drinking and reckless play, which should reward solid players.

The dealers I encountered on the late afternoon/evening shift were generally solid and friendly. No major mistakes, made the game fun. A couple were a bit too friendly, crossing the line into occasional comments about play and players, but overall this is a good crew.

Because the bar is in the room, service was regular and quick. I don't grade on appearance, but those who do should enjoy the show. One downside was that a few ultra-premium drinks carried a small charge, but you can get all the usual premium drinks for free (Captain Morgan, Jack Daniels, Ketel One, etc.). The drinks themselves were in larger than usual glasses, and seemed on the strong side, which is a good thing.

The room was slow when I played, so hard to gauge management accurately. Floor seemed friendly and was quick to run chips. Manager also opened a short-handed mix game to accomodate some players waiting for the $2/$5 game. The "Hard Rock straddle" (an optional button straddle with right of ultimate last action preflop) is a fun addition to the room. The major knock on management is the need to find some way to generate more business to fill such a nice room.

$1/hour on a Hard Rock players' card, along with some HHJ type promos. Card was made by floor while I played, always a convenient touch.

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