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deepstack1 wrote a review about Hard Rock Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

The casino and poker room at HR is dead

The poker room was first in the back of the casino. It had great ambiance. It was dark but not overly, like your favorite bar. The chairs were comfy and everything was in good shape. They did an amazing job of making it both trending but unassuming and approachable. Sometime during the 2010 WSOP and my 2010 November trip, room moved up to a smaller platform area near the main casino floor. The new room is smaller but still nice looking. I didn't sit because there were no games going on at 8:30 on a Wednesday night.

During the 2010 WSOP it was a fun room. A great mix of aggression without an abundance of skill. There was good action at the 1-3 and the trash-talk Tuesdays deepstacked 2-5 with a mandatory straddle was a bast especially if you were a skilled TAG. The demographic was mostly in their 20s and 30s with a few old guys. There were a lot of regulars but they were not much better skilled than your average live player with a thousand or so hours under their belt. Defiantly exploitable. I heard rumor that a few of the players were being paid or maybe just heavily comped to be extra friendly to the tourist. As in involving them in "name-that-song" games (the music is mostly '90s to today rock and alt rock) for a buck or to decide who has to pay for the table shots. Again, this was during the summer of 2010. I visited HR once in November and once in December 2010 around 8 or 9 in the evening and both times there were no games going. Also, there were probably less than 30 patrons on the gaming floor. Usually one or two groups of young people crowded around a few blackjack or roulette tables. The place is best known for its Rehab Sunday pool parties so I assumed there would be less people there in the winter, but this place was a ghost town.

They were solid mechanically and average personally-wise. None of them stood out for being bad dealers or witty people, which gives them good marks.

Prompt and courteous. Lacked the attitude you sometimes get at the big strip casinos (specifically Bellagio).

Again, friendly and courteous. Lacked the attitude you sometimes get at the big strip casinos (specifically Bellagio). If the wait was long, they could text you if you wanted to give them your number (at least they could in the old room).

At least in the old room, they were very generous with comps for regulars. They had freeroll tournaments if you played a certain number of hours the prior week. These were essentially friendly, lets-get-it-down-to-just-us-regs-and-chop-it-eleven-ways kind of events. As a casual player, I disliked this, but I understand the room needed to keep tables full because of it's off-strip handicap.

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