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mauihaole wrote a review about Hard Rock Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV

Nice room, everything else average

The room is very nice and is on par with others like Wynn and Venetian. My only real problem with the room is that when the tables are 10 handed, everything seems cramped. It seems like these tables would be better suited for 9 handed. Other than that I loved the look and thought it was very comfortable.

Its really tough to say here because the grand opening drew in a lot of locals and really good players. The $1/2 NL game I played was very tight (didn't help that I was card dead). I recognized at least 3 players at my NL table as being skilled players from other casinos. Also a lot of dealers were player. In the 3/6 limit game I played, it was very loose but still solid players.

This is the biggest problem of the room in my mind. I had at least 8 dealers total. Of those 8, I would say that 3 or 4 at most were good. The others were so inexperienced that players at the table had to help them run the game. In a room that wants to cater to low and high limit players, you need to have dealers that can run a game on their own. I was very disappointed with this.

The cocktail waitresses are very attractive. The speed at which they came around isn't as quick as I would prefer. I can't really speak of the drink quality as I was just ordering water.

The list at the front desk took a while to get organized. One thing that bothered me is when I was taken to my seat, I asked the person who led me there if I could get a players card. He told me I needed to go talk to the person at the front desk. This bothered me, because I feel that I shouldn't have to walk back to the front to give them my DL. Other than that, management seemed friendly and helpful.

$1/hr for comps at the lower limit tables is standard. They also have progressive high hand jackpots, but they obviously aren't very big yet.

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