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doubledigits wrote a review about Boulder Station in Las Vegas, NV

Coin Flip

So I was visiting a friend who lived nearby Boulder Station. We had a couple of drinks and decide we wanted to play but didn't want to go very far. I suggested to just go to Boulder. My buddy warned me I might not like it but we went anyway.

First off, already having a couple of drinks in me I think the servers smelled weakness because they worked us non-stop. We didn't get hammered or anything but they made sure we stayed happy. That was much appreciated.

Dealers were ok especially under the circumstances. Don't know if some of these people knew a heart from a club because some of them made their lives miserable. They did the best they could keeping everything moving. Managers were kinda see but not heard so it's hard to make a good judgement on them.

Speaking of the players - just because someone hasn't been there before doesn't mean you have to treat them like they have five eyes. I was surprised to see how much of a clique the regs were here. Made things a lot less fun than they could have been.

The bonuses were not good. I couldn't even figure out what was going on with them - that bad. So don't go looking for bonus comps at their poker tables.

So it's a mixed bag. I'd say go if need somewhere to play. The manager and staff were great but there were a lot of discouraging things going on.

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