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ScienceTeacher wrote a review about Boulder Station in Las Vegas, NV

Smoking Kills

The main reason I give this room such a low rating is that fact that it is a smoking room. I could only stand it for about 30 minutes before I had to leave. The felt on the tables was well worn. Chairs were ok.

Didn't see anything tricky while I was there.

Saw no errors or personality.

Very attractive cocktail waitresses, quick service.

Managger was friendly and helpful. Got a runner to go get me a players card.

No bad beat jackpot, but had high hand bonuses. Could not comment on the comps.

Promotions and Comps
Food and Drink

Announcements from Boulder Station

Omaha Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush and Royal Flush paying $25-$250). Stop to the Deuces (Flopped quads with progressive totals updated weekly). Wheel and Deal to the Steel Wheel (Straight flush with progressive totals updated weekly). Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot -- Quad Jacks beaten.

Holdem Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush, Steel Wheel and Royal Flush paying $50-$599), Royal Family (Royal Flush combos paying $4,000 each), Triple Play (Pocket 3s improved to flopped set, full house or quads paying $100-$500). Jumbo Bad Beat Jackpot -- citywide holdem jackpot linked with Red Rock and Santa Fe poker rooms. Minimum qualifying hand decreases as progressive jackpot increases.

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