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poker5000 wrote a review about Boulder Station in Las Vegas, NV

"smoke gets in your eyes"

What a horrible room!Over 80% of players smoke and believe they have a right to blow cigarette smoke in your face or anywhere that they please.

Couple of excellent Omaha players and a bunch of half-baked to below average omaha players.Good place to make money but the cigarette smoke is tough to take.

Poor concentration on the game.Most of them try to "early out" because they rather display their crappy poker skills instead of their crappy poker dealing.Poor customer relations.They jump in a game and start check raising their own tipping customers.

Not Bad

The absolute worst.They favor everyday players over a new player in their poker decision.They are supposed to make the correct decision but they base their decision on who is involved in the hand.e.g.(everyday boulder station player will win every decision over a new player)

Typical very good stations comp policy.

Promotions and Comps
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Announcements from Boulder Station

Omaha Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush and Royal Flush paying $25-$250). Stop to the Deuces (Flopped quads with progressive totals updated weekly). Wheel and Deal to the Steel Wheel (Straight flush with progressive totals updated weekly). Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot -- Quad Jacks beaten.

Holdem Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush, Steel Wheel and Royal Flush paying $50-$599), Royal Family (Royal Flush combos paying $4,000 each), Triple Play (Pocket 3s improved to flopped set, full house or quads paying $100-$500). Jumbo Bad Beat Jackpot -- citywide holdem jackpot linked with Red Rock and Santa Fe poker rooms. Minimum qualifying hand decreases as progressive jackpot increases.

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