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red_man_greg wrote a review about Boulder Station in Las Vegas, NV

WOW...lot of action... LOT.. OF... ACTION!

Alright, so the room isn't great BUT it certainly has several things about it that seperate it overall to make up for it. Unfortunately, smoking still rules this room except for two tables (One omaha and one Hold em) which are located right next to smoking tables. The atmosphere is made better by some of the staff but I will explain that a few lines down.

Now generally speaking, 90% of the players in this room are locals that are just waiting for the bad beat to hit or qualify hours for the $500,000 freeroll that happens every 3-4 months.

Of all the players, about 85% of them are all retired and wait around as calling stations before they have their 4th heart attack and alzheimers begins to set in. They are loose cause they love their social security checks and most live on the east side so their house and car is paid offso there is alot of money just waiting to be taken.

Some very loose players and very nice pots (especially in omaha)

If you are looking for ALOT OF ACTION in Omaha, the 4-8 half kill gets some insane pots. Occasionally they will vote to move it up to a 6-12 half kill because so much money is on the table and those players are crazy with their preflop caps.

They get a decent 1-2 NL holdem every weekend and friday night, bad players with alot of chips.

Now the dealers for the most part are great cause they have been there so long. The automatic shuffler machines built into the table allows them to focus more on everything else that is going on at the table. But there are some dealers that should be at the DMV with there charming eccentric personalities.

Daryl is the man. Good sense of humor and very efficient.

Long waits, unattractive, not enough selection.

I know Steve personally and he KNOWS how to take care of his players. Knows me by name and knows what I am looking for. Great decision making and is willing to change up limits or tables for any players that ask.

Between the points and Freeroll tourneys, that basically gets this a good rating. I have qualified for last 3 free rolls and they are great. $100 if you bust on day 1 and at LEAST $200 if you bust on day 2. If you CAN make it to day 2 for freeroll, half omaha/half holdem with 30 min levels on day 2. decents tourney but after 3 hrs it becomes a crapshoot (not enough chips)

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Announcements from Boulder Station

Omaha Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush and Royal Flush paying $25-$250). Stop to the Deuces (Flopped quads with progressive totals updated weekly). Wheel and Deal to the Steel Wheel (Straight flush with progressive totals updated weekly). Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot -- Quad Jacks beaten.

Holdem Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush, Steel Wheel and Royal Flush paying $50-$599), Royal Family (Royal Flush combos paying $4,000 each), Triple Play (Pocket 3s improved to flopped set, full house or quads paying $100-$500). Jumbo Bad Beat Jackpot -- citywide holdem jackpot linked with Red Rock and Santa Fe poker rooms. Minimum qualifying hand decreases as progressive jackpot increases.

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