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markmick wrote a review about Boulder Station in Las Vegas, NV

Friendly Poker Room

Boulder has a small, non-smoking room. Chairs were comfy on my tush. Sat for hours and didn't get achy. Space between tables is kinda tight, but OK. They have coffee in the back. A couple of LCD TV's on the wall to watch while you wait for your pocket Aces. Near the casino floor, but quietly walled off in glass, like a fishbowl. Is this meant to be symbolic about the fish at the tables??

I was a tourist, but the players appeared to be a lot of locals, as you expect from the off-strip casinos. A reasonable mix of player skills. I played $2/$4. Amazed at how much some of these dudes lost on a low-limit table. They have a 5% rake, which is better than a 10% rake! All tables have $1/$2 blinds, regardless of limit. $2/$4 tables didn't have that annoying half-kill stuff. The website says they have half-kill on the $4/$8 tables, but I didn't notice it.

Dealers were all pretty good. It was the first time at the table for one dealer and she did well. No mistakes by any of them, which earns them an excellent rating in my book. After playing in Indian casinos, I know what bad dealers are like. Call me biased, but I preferred the lady dealers. They smile! Guys tend to have personalities made from cards. Friendly group however.

Waitress didn't come around often, but when they did, they brought the drinks quickly. Being a cheapskate, I didn't order anything. I have yet to understand the concept of a 'free' drink, when you have to tip a waitress. I'll bring my own bottle. Or an I-V tube and catheter if I plan on sitting for a long time. You can order food and eat at the table, by the way. Thankfully, no one at my table did this. If I gotta watch someone cram down an onion burger, I wanna be on a date!

I very much appreciate the free, daily Hold'Em classes at Boulder. The instructors did a very good job of teaching table manners, although I have a hard time chewing my cards quietly, but at least I can put my elbows on the table! The wait list wasn't fancy, just a plain-old clipboard. I'd prefer that they give me a fancy buzzer to carry around in my back pocket, while I wait for a seat. Those buzzers provide the best action I get in a casino!

Boulder has $1 per hour comp rate on your player card. They do have a bad-beat jackpot too, although the rules are kinda sketchy. If you rack up 50 hours or so, you get freerolled into a tournament.

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