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Willtakem wrote a review about Boulder Station in Las Vegas, NV

smoke em if you got em

smoking still allowed at the tables so if you are a smoker rejoice.pretty is now served at the tables,the server shows up every hour to take orders

95% local players,daytime is the toughest nothing but rocks. evening loosens up a bit but still a tough room, late nite sometimes gets wild.

day shift are mostly older dealers, some good a few are just to dam old or crusty swing shift are the best younger more fun
graveyard is pretty bad attitudes and unprofessional

the service is very good most times. the servers are attractive and attentive. remember its mostly locals so the girls already know for the most part what you are drinking. My beer has always been cold so no complaints here.....

the guys work hard and try to make it an enjoyable place. Everything is done on the computer so you know where you are on the list

you get 600 points an hour which equates to 1$ an hour five hours max per day.its a station casino so its linked to the bad beat jackpot starts at 150k initial qualifier is for 10s or better beat. Goes down every tuesday until hit, four 9,8,7,6 etc
there is also now a bingo type board with high hands on it every time a hand hits it fifty bucks, a row or line cleared is 500 bucks last hand to hit is worth 2 grand and the table it hit on also splits 2 grand, and in addition any royal (both cards must play) pays five hundred bucks

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Announcements from Boulder Station

Omaha Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush and Royal Flush paying $25-$250). Stop to the Deuces (Flopped quads with progressive totals updated weekly). Wheel and Deal to the Steel Wheel (Straight flush with progressive totals updated weekly). Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot -- Quad Jacks beaten.

Holdem Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush, Steel Wheel and Royal Flush paying $50-$599), Royal Family (Royal Flush combos paying $4,000 each), Triple Play (Pocket 3s improved to flopped set, full house or quads paying $100-$500). Jumbo Bad Beat Jackpot -- citywide holdem jackpot linked with Red Rock and Santa Fe poker rooms. Minimum qualifying hand decreases as progressive jackpot increases.

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