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kle18 wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Definitely room for improvement.

Not exactly the nicest but uh... there's plenty of televisions.

Mostly limit cash games here with 95% players over the age of lets say 55. All locals. Probably 60% male, 40% female. Mostly a lot of calling stations so if you are playing limit... play tight aggressive with BIG PAIRS towering over small pocket pairs and connectors.

The worst dealers I've ever had... EVER. Played the 7:00 PM tournament one night and each dealer made HUGE mistakes. This includes flipping cards over "by accident" (or uh not being careful) and dealing the flop before action was finished.

Very nice and prompt cocktail waitresses.

I don't know... there can definitely be improvements on the way the room is managed. But eh, I'm not sure if I have time to list them all.

There are high hand bonuses that the local seniors salivate over while playing their game (i.e. check a flop of Axx with AA so their sure to have a chance of seeing a turn and river). But the bonuses start at only $50.

Also, I believe there's a freeroll tourney every week for those who play enough hours. But you MUST make sure that you give the poker room manager your card at the front desk every time you play.

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mitchtam wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Pure garbage!

Dingy, broken TVs, smokey. More like a waiting room for people to die than a poker room! Pathetic offering, spread... Read More