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10 Tables
Minimum Age:
mrboogins wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Pleasently Surprised

10 tables, average as far as wear. Not a sniff of any smoke which was a big plus. Felt very much at home playing there.

Played only Omaha H/L and Stud H/L. (Yeah try finding that game in Vegas). Bunch of nice locals looking to pass some time. Money seems to be no object with 7-8 to the flop on every hand.

Great dealers. So they may need help reading a low hand once in a while, so what.
Played there for 5 days. By the 2nd, they all knew my name and told me how glad they were to meet me.

Always around. No bad issues at all.

Always helpfull and attentive

$1.25 per hour and only a $3 max rake per game.....makes a huge difference.

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mitchtam wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Pure garbage!

Dingy, broken TVs, smokey. More like a waiting room for people to die than a poker room! Pathetic offering, spread... Read More