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TheCaptain wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Where everybody knows your name

Old and worn down, full of locals, typical Coast property. I prefer the Stations as far as the dingy off-the-Strip set goes. They seem a little more interested in updating technology, equipment, etc. This is a 2-4 and 4-8 limit poker type of place. Of course you can beat the game, as this is the kind of place where it's mostly older folks and regulars looking to 'have a good time'. Something as simple as a check raise or taking a couple of seconds to analyze a hand will get you raised eyebrows. They just want to enjoy themselves and hopefully hit a jackpot. That's why you play a room like this. If you want to play tight-aggressive, sure, it'll pay off, but slowly and you'll have to dodge the no-fold-ems.

As I said above, if you actually want to play solid, disciplined poker, you'll be way ahead of the game. Tells all over the place, chasing, calling down with top pair crappy kicker. All that sort of stuff. Wait for a half-kill pot where you're in position, thin the field, then go to work. Most of the people playing here live out in Sumerlin, so it's not like they can't afford to donk off a bit.

Cordial and competent, no major complaints here. Some are more chatty than others, but I guess that's true anywhere. I don't see anything setting Suncoast dealers apart, but nor do I see them lagging behind. They keep the games moving at a fair pace considering the clientele.

Service is relatively quick. They don't carry everything, so if you're picky, just keep in mind where you are. But they're trying to do their best and the waitresses are friendly, if not particularly aesthetically top-notch.

Sometimes these local rooms can lead to managers that are crabby and/or surly. Thatisn't the case here and regulars and newbies alike are treated well and if you want an explanation you won't get any sighs or eye rolls. On the other hand, asking them to open a new table or spread a higher limit isn't really their forte. Just because there's enough people who want something doesn't mean they will necessarily deviate from the pattern. They have an idea of what games can sustain themselves and for how long and at what point in the week, and they're gonna stick to that. But they seat you and call names with frequency so it's not too bad.

Typical of a Coast casino.

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mitchtam wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Pure garbage!

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