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cch89135 wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Where are all the players at?

Nothing special about this tiny room. Tables and chairs are in decent condition. The chips look like they have been used for 20 years straight. The tourneys are the only thing good here and that's only if it is Friday night where there are usually 5 tables.

The players are mostly local older senior citizens looking to hit a jackpot. Raising, check-raising, anything that involves putting in extra money preflop will make the rest of the table stare at you with the "How dare you!" look. That said, this is always an easy room, no matter the game or limit.

The dealers are a bit quirky here. Some talk too much about personal issues, one guy gives out the worst sports betting advice and there is a very bitter dealer who constantly complains she can't find a man. If you play at Suncoast, you will instantly know who I am talking about. Errors aren't uncommon, but nothing too major.

High frequency of service during tourneys. Waitresses remember your drinks. The quality of drinks are the typical Vegas casino "free" cocktail. Sometimes you can taste the alcohol (unless it's bottled beer), and sometimes you can't. They do let you order a shot with your drink unlike most places.

I can't really say the room is managed well because it really can't be that hard to deal with only 1 or 2 tables at a time. As far as the staff, they are friendly and helpful.

$1/hr on your B Connected card.

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mitchtam wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Pure garbage!

Dingy, broken TVs, smokey. More like a waiting room for people to die than a poker room! Pathetic offering, spread... Read More