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Boydhater wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Heavily weighted toward the regulars Cheap and cheats FAKE FREEROLL

I got tired of driving all the way to the strip because that's where all the real games are btw but anyway I spent the week building hours
for the freeroll they had advertised. I had 22 hours by my count and went to check and had only 8 hours recorded. I talked to Dan and he
said over and over how he was trying to "help" me but never actually did anything except that he was trying to "help" me. He said it like 20 times really nice before I realized he was @#$% with me and was not going to correct the problem. I won at the tables the whole time I played there. He mentioned that I often get up and walk around and they deduct that time off of the running total. I am handicapped and have to stand every several minutes because of pain in my legs. Apparently they don't like that and ding me even if I stay there in the hand just standing behind my chair. I took one half hour to eat but not 14 hours of walking around by no means. They treat their pet locals like gold and screw everyone else. I was looking for a nice local game but you'll just get cheated here. They deduct time if you go to the restroom and are only paying a measly dollar an hour for comps and they are worried about a bathroom break. YOU ARE CHEAP AND YOU ARE CHEATS / DON'T GET SCREWED HERE, Go to Red rock or Rampart, not a fan of either but they're fair.

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mitchtam wrote a review about Suncoast in Las Vegas, NV

Pure garbage!

Dingy, broken TVs, smokey. More like a waiting room for people to die than a poker room! Pathetic offering, spread... Read More