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blue3715 wrote a review about Boulder Station in Las Vegas, NV

The only station casino if you want Omaha

No other Station casinos, and most strip casinos have Omaha anymore. It either died out or chilled due to the upcoming WSOP. Only Orleans had Omaha consistently.
Boulder guaranteed 3 tables (with a waiting list).

TRICK: Call ahead, they will put you on the waiting list on the phone. Reduces your wait time when you arrive!

Tables were $4-$8 Omaha hi with 1/2 kill (no hi/lo). There was Holdem too (3-6, 4-8 and 1-2 NL)
The wooden railing on the outside of the table made you have to pay more attention to your cards, as they could angle up if they are off the edge of the felt. I did like how it kept chip stacks balanced though.
Cash does not play, so don't tuck that $100 under your stack. Get chips.
The commit line is interesting, be sure you cross it on purpose.
I didn't find anyone ruffling their chips or wearing sunglasses. People played Omaha straight up.
The restroom was right next to the poker area. The whole area was quiet and pleasant. Plemty of chair pads were available. I seriously recommend one.

I found a few smart tight players, even 1 or 2 who raised preflop, but mostly people limped in. 7-8 preflop callers (even with a raise to $8) was common.
A few people consistently chased that flush, and lost.
Simply watch for which players the mgmt knows by name, they play a lot. I found waiting for a high pocket pair, or flopped big hand was quite profitable.
There was 1 or 2 people I knew to stay away from when they were in a hand.

Dealer was right on top of the game.

I didn't see a cocktail waitress often but if you wanted a drink they got one over. They had a nice water cooler right there. All I needed was water.

It's a small room, 8-10 tables, so it didn't take much for the 2 guys to run it.

Didn't see any, but 6 hours of play did not qualify me for a reduced rate.

Promotions and Comps
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Announcements from Boulder Station

Omaha Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush and Royal Flush paying $25-$250). Stop to the Deuces (Flopped quads with progressive totals updated weekly). Wheel and Deal to the Steel Wheel (Straight flush with progressive totals updated weekly). Omaha Bad Beat Jackpot -- Quad Jacks beaten.

Holdem Promotions: High Hands (Quads, Straight Flush, Steel Wheel and Royal Flush paying $50-$599), Royal Family (Royal Flush combos paying $4,000 each), Triple Play (Pocket 3s improved to flopped set, full house or quads paying $100-$500). Jumbo Bad Beat Jackpot -- citywide holdem jackpot linked with Red Rock and Santa Fe poker rooms. Minimum qualifying hand decreases as progressive jackpot increases.

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