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jrkuznetsky wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

An Overall Great Game

I was just in Vegas for ASW in January and stayed at the Monte Carlo, so naturally I played poker there every night for hours. The $1/$2 no-limit game was so chill and such a good game there that I feel compelled to write a review.

First of all, for whatever reason the players are really friendly there. Don't get me wrong, we were all there to take each others money, but I enjoy be able to talk to people at the table and relaxing and having a good time. It's $1/$2 no-limit, not the WSOP lol

Second, there was really good action. There was not once that I thought about leaving the table because it was slow. I think because it is such a good vibe people come ready to play and ready to bet.

Lastly, the dealers and all the workers there were very relaxed and focused on making it a good experience for the players. If the servers didn't come around they called them over and made funny jokes about taking our drink orders. Instead of throwing you out and giving you a good scolding for using a cuss word, the dealers seemed to be really relaxed and even made fun conversation with the table.

The Poker Manager even greeted me at the end of the night and thanked me for coming to play. It's a new room so if more people get the word out this could become the hottest little poker room on that side of the strip.

HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!! PS: the tournaments were always packed :)

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