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alan331 wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Best Room For Low Stakes Players

The fact that it is isolated from the main casino is a definite plus. Vibe is "play poker". Chairs comfy, and old, but cushions are available. Small room, but never feels crowded. Jim & Jim, the two room managers I encountered were friendly and accommodating.

I played 2-6 SLH. Players were either local regulars or tourists like myself. The locals played well, with a couple of rocks and a few TAG players. After my first session, I had a good feel for recognizing who was who. The tourists were below average, considering I was able take some money from them. I found that the best thing was to wait for the second 2-6 table to open, as the locals came early to get their time in for a big freeroll this weekend. The second table was mostly tourists and was very passive with people calling big draws to the river.

The dealers are a big reason I enjoy this room. MaryJane, Debbie, David, Aimee, Chadra(?) and the rest were great. Welcoming, knowledgeable, with good control of the game.

Frequent, and if requested, management would call for a waitress. Great Bloody Mary's and Irish Coffees (Jameson)

Well run, lists ran without a hitch. A couple of times, tables were short handed for a few minutes. When this happened, game went to 1 $1 blind, $2 to play with no rake.
JIm & Jim were great.

I think 3 hours would get you a $6 voucher for the Cafe.

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