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assenede wrote a review about Monte Carlo in Las Vegas, NV

Update on the Room after A week of playing in March 2010

The room was well kept. At times during the week, the action died down only to get better during peak times.

Seventy to eighty percent local regulars fishing the waters. Mostly weak tight players, with at least one shark at a time fishing on the looser side to encourage action from the unaware.

I saw very few mistakes made. The dealers were all very experienced, and had a very sound control of the game. Quite a few joined in to play after their shifts. One dealer in particular made a great impression. (Keena) She encouraged action and got everyone to laugh every time she pushed in.
One particular aspect bothered me : Apparently the shufflers left marks on the back of some cards. I asked a couple of times to get them replaced, since on at least two occasions I identified cards upside down by scrutinizing the markings. They refused stating that other cards in the same deck also had the same or similar markings.

In the attraction business, the cocktail waitresses scored below average. They were however quick and effective.

Management scored an average. Lists are kept manually. No electronic list. Waiting sometimes took a while as tables were slow to fill up. I played many six handed and even five handed. The rake is reduced at request from five players and below. They always suggest to then also discard the jackpot drop (and payout). Best offer then is a single dollar blind with two dollars to call, while keeping the jackpot drop). On the 1-2 no limit, the rake is 1 dollar for the first 10 in the pot, 1 dollar for the second 10, 1 dollar for the third ten and 1 dollar for the fourth ten, totaling 4 dollars max, plus a 1 dollar jackpot drop for every pot over 10.
All high hands of quads or higher pay out. I saw many of them being hit. (I myself hit quad fours getting 145 dollars). When a hand is hit the counter drops back to 20 dollars and is recalculated every day. The high hand payouts are indicated on a screen. The highest during my stay was a hearts royal flush paying some 987 dollars.

I discussed the high hands in the section before. The room has no electronic comps. It does offer freeroll tournaments for which you need a minimum of 15 hours of play (attracting only locals, since the Tourny was two weeks away). Upon your own request you get a six dollar comp voucher to be used in the cafe or buffet. As I played over 60 hours, I got for 60 dollars worth of free food. (payed nearly all my breakfast buffets with it). there is no bad beat jackpot.

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