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rustyshackelford wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Be a while before I go back.

The room is laid out nicely. I like that it is next to the sports book and parking is right next to the room. I only went to the M to make a sports bet and thought I'd give the room another try. All locals. I remember why it's been a while since I have played there.

Played the 10:00am tourny with rebuys. Had 30 runners with 10 rebuys. Competition was ok. It is definitely all locals. The dealers new the players and the floor was chatting it up with people about sports. Play was tight and was easy to get away from tough decisions based on who was in the hand.

Not the best but did their job. Some of their pitches were hard to watch and had to make sure your cards didn't get mixed up with your neighbors if you were in the 2 or 9 seat. One dealer, Russell, did a great job. Definitely got more hands in when he was dealing.

Good! Like the menu selection for draft beers for sure. I must be getting old tho because the cocktail waitress had a huge tattoo on her back. Not her lower back but between her shoulder blades. Was a big tattoo of a poem or something. 10 years ago I might of thought it was cool but I thought it looked really trashy. Surprised that the M doesn't make her cover that up.

Good. Not much to do at 10 in the morning but let the people know when levels go up and when break is. Very friendly.


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