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henderson1970 wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Great Potential But?

this a very nice room compared to the rest in Vegas. Above average.

very beatable but not enough of it. they have trouble holding a game together which is a shame as i really like this place. the only answer I have for the low traffic is that Red Rock is closer for where most people live on that side of town. Mostly locals and ones who don\\'t play well. It not that far, i thought the object was to win money? they seem to get a better turn out for tournaments than cash which isn\\'t good for them or cash players.

All i encountered were very capable.

Frequent and the selection is excellent.

Saw a very questionable ruling ONCE. Another time a floor was running around like a maniac trying to get players to move off a 2-4 table because he thought they MIGHT get a 4-8 game started. it seemed like a pretty big deal to him and kind of rubbed me the wrong way. not because i like 2-4 but because it\\'s really disrespectful to the players of the game he\\'s trying to break apart. that guy knew very well that place didn\\'t have the traffic to replace those players he was trying to drag off that game. he was basically telling 5 people to go home.

Average for poker

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