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jbage007 wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

One of the nicer rooms in town but plagued by horrible location

The location is on the far south end of the Strip; emphasis on far. It's the last thing before you hit California (more or less). Predictably, the place is inhabited by "locals" who live close enough to drive over every now and then. Action is SLOW - usually 1 game of 2-4 limit. Every now and then a second table opens up and maybe they get a 1-2 NLHE game going. Daily tournaments are ok, usually getting 3 to 4 tables. But, they have a communication problem with their website manager because their website does not indicate that the Fri and Sat evening tourneys are now $100 buy-ins (which tells you something about their lackadaisical attitude in general). If the casino had a better location, it might give Red Rock a run for its money on the south side, but obviously the chances of that happening are Amarillo Slim to none.

Lots of older players still playing poker the way they learned it 3 and 4 decades ago. Very predictable and relatively easy to crush the tourneys, except that the tourney structure is ludicrous with blinds jumping from 2k to 4k to 8k so that it becomes a shovefest before the 3rd hour of play. If they would fix their blind structure, it would be a much better place to play daily donkfests.

The problem with the dealers is the feel like they are part of the family of people who patronize the joint. They know the locals by name and ask about the kids and stuff. Hey guess what - I don't care! I came to play poker. Shut up and deal. And keep your focus on the game! One dealer in particular, Joe, is horrible about failing to call the action (because he is watching sports on tv monitors) then he literally SCREAMS at players who start acting out of turn. Very unprofessional to say the least.

Not bad. I like the Perrier.

A low rating due to their obvious lack of attention to details. Silly stuff like being sure their website accurately reflects their current tournament structure. Failing to pay attention to dealers who are not paying attention. That kind of stuff. And they wonder why business is so slow.

Certainly not worth the drive for the comps.

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