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LTVEGAS wrote a review about M Resort in Henderson, NV

Horrible Management and Half assed dealers

The room is nice. For a place like that they should have better chairs. Or cup holders already placed in the table. They went cheap on that.

The players are locals as am I. I've won a few tourneys there, but there are major donkeys in that room. It's a luck room.

Some of the dealers are ok. Most wouldn't be able to deal at other casino's without a shuffle machine.Most don't pay attention to who's in the hand or announce how many. One dealer is always so pissy you might think he's a girl.

very beutifull girls but very nice as well. which is unusual.

The fat floor supervisor with the curly gray hair is a complete moron. He was called over to our table and with out hesitation took the dealers word. which is completely wrong because he put out the flop with action pending. Of course the dealer blames me because he didn't see my cards. If he wasnt such a dunce he would be paying attention. so i'm kicked out. The supervisor is a complete @#$% and idiot that can't run a room. and cant wait to see him in public.

better than most rooms

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